My Feet in the Sea
I am a Celt.

A Cornish woman who has long known Wales as home.

I am called to the sea, to stone, and to story, and to recording the small things I see around me every day.

I am drawn to life’s quotidian moments, all too often overlooked, and am particularly intrigued by those common through time that we share with our ancestors.

It is water that pulls these threads together: water for cooking, for cleaning, for growing food; the water in which we immerse ourselves, be that ocean, lake, river, or falling rain; the water used in benediction and in ritual.

My work is an exploration and a journal, a mix of narrative storytelling, dreams and imaginings. At the moment I am using relief printmaking techniques to explore my relationship with water. Tracing a path that this most primal of elements has woven through my life.

I studied a Foundation Course at Falmouth School of Art and Design and started exhibiting through the Cornwall Craft Association at that time.

Later I attended Chester University and explored digital art and textiles while working towards a Degree in Art and Computer Science.

Over the last two decades my life has drawn me into a career in Counselling, Art Therapy and then into Education, where I work with teenagers to remove barriers to learning.

Early in 2018 I decided to enrol on a L3 Course in Printmaking at The Regional Print Centre, Wrexham and I re-discovered a love for print that had been kindled in those early days in Falmouth.
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